May 18, 2009: Radio ‘Talkmaster’ Boortz Is Just That: All Talk

RADIO ‘TALKMASTER’ BOORTZ IS JUST THAT: ALL TALK This is the column I always wanted to write about the commencement speech that radio talk show yakker Neal Boortz always wanted to give. You remember Boortz, don’t you? He is the guy who loves to jump on “pitiful government schools.” Evidently, he has always wanted to […]

Oct. 11, 2004: Boortz Says Government Schools Are Pitiful. I Say That’s Debatable.

After watching the vacuous babble that passes for presidential debates, I am ready for a head-knocking, rip-snorting debate between two articulate participants with widely divergent views. How about Neal Boortz and Zachary Wansley? Boortz is the popular nationally syndicated radio “Talkmaster.” I have known him since he was a talk radio rookie in Atlanta, and […]