June 30, 2014: Help Is On The Way For Dealing With The Humor-Impaired

    The things you learn while surfing the Internet in desperation for column material. Did you know that there is a National Association for the Humor-Impaired? May Jimmy Carter (speaking of the humor-impaired) wash my socks if I am not telling the truth. According to their website the organization’s CEO, Dr. Stuart Robertshaw, is […]

June 24, 2013: A Visit With Carl Sanders Recalls Tumultous Time In Georgia

When Jimmy Carter ran for the state senate in 1961 and was defeated, he claimed voter fraud.  Carl Sanders, president pro tem of the state senate, supported Carter’s claim and provided legal counsel from the Democratic Party.  Carter prevailed. Fast forward to 1970.  After serving as Georgia’s governor from 1963-67, Gov. Sanders ran again.  In […]

Sep. 21, 2009: Carter Is Poster Boy For “Acts Based On Racism’

CARTER IS POSTER BOY FOR “ACTS BASED ON RACISM’ I don’t know how Jimmy Carter can look himself in the mirror. He has made hypocrisy an art form. When asked recently about the actions of South Carolina Republican Cong. Joe Wilson, who stunned the crowd during President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of […]

Jan. 26, 2009: Note To Jimmy Carter: There Is A New Sheriff In Town, And He Has Your Number

NOTE TO JIMMY CARTER: THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN, AND HE HAS YOUR NUMBER He may have done some things you like and some you don’t like in his first few weeks in office, but President Barack Obama has hit a home run in his appointment of former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell as […]

Dec. 1, 2008: Jimmy Carter Gets Left Holding The Bag

JIMMY CARTER GETS LEFT HOLDING THE BAG “Mr. President, I understand you wanted to see me? And why are you holding a garbage bag?” “Yes, I did. I need to get out of the country for a few weeks. Rosalynn is getting on my nerves. She’s always making me take out the garbage. I am […]

Apr. 21, 2008: Jimmy Carter Has No Right To Undermine Our Nation’s Foreign Policy

JIMMY CARTER HAS NO RIGHT TO UNDERMINE OUR NATION’S FOREIGN POLICY What are we going to do with Jimmy Carter? The man has gone from being a joke to someone who is suddenly very unfunny. Some folks I know think he is senile. Others believe he is bitter about his failed presidency and is trying […]