May 8, 2006: Illegal Alien Demonstrations Causing More Harm Than Good

Congratulations to the geniuses responsible for the recent illegal alien demonstrations. You have created a backlash that is going to do much more harm than good to your efforts to win amnesty for the illegals or sympathy for their cause. In short, you have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Had you checked with me, I would have suggested you put away your Mexican flags instead of parading up and down the streets reminding the rest of us that your true loyalty is south of the border. Somebody must have gotten to you, because subsequent rallies have featured only the Stars and Stripes. A number of readers sent me photographs of a bunch of school kids in (where else?) California flying the Mexican flag above an upside-down American flag. You try that in South Georgia, and somebody is going to put a serious hurt on you.

Calling us “gringos” while you were clogging our streets wasn’t too smart, either. In case you haven’t checked lately, “gringo” means “foreigner.” Imagine: A bunch of people who have come to our country illegally are calling the rest of us “foreigners.”

A Brit who makes money selling music to Latinos has rewritten “The Star Spangled Banner” in Spanish “as a show of support” for those in our country illegally. He calls it “Nuestro Himno,” which means “Our Hymn.” Sorry, but our national anthem is not the hymn of illegal aliens. Not even close. Their hymn is the Mexican national anthem. It was written in 1847 by a guy who moved to Buffalo not long after. (That’s like kissing a goat on the lips. I don’t think I’d brag about that.) The Mexican national anthem is full of bravado: “Mexicans, at the cry of battle prepare your swords and bridle; and let the earth tremble at its center at the roar of the cannon.” Oh, please. The only country Mexico ever whipped was France. Even Delaware could do that.

Some of us who watched the demonstrations in our streets decided to check out how the Mexican government treats illegal aliens in their country. The answer is: not very well. According to news reports from the Associated Press and others, while Mexico is demanding humane treatment for illegal aliens in the United States, they are treated as felons in Mexico. Reports say local police routinely rob and even kill illegal aliens in their country.

Mexico’s president, Vicente Fox, has the best of both worlds. He ships Mexicans off to the United States, where our taxpayers feed them, educate them and take care of their boo-boos so that he doesn’t have to. In return, the illegal aliens send his country Yankee dollars — each worth about ten pesos. He gets the income, but not the expense. No wonder he wants us to be nice to illegals. He has a pretty good racket going.

Now President Fox is mad at Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue for signing immigration reform legislation authored by State Sen. Chip Rogers

(R-Woodstock). Even though it is considered one of the toughest immigration laws in the country, the measure will not affect emergency medical care and educational benefits for those in kindergarten through 12th grade, something the special-interest crowd won’t tell you. I just hope Fox doesn’t decide to invade Georgia. Remember what happened to France.

I asked Sen. Rogers about the recent demonstrations. “The protests are a perfect example of what happens when our government fails to apply the law equally to all,” he says. “We now have millions of illegal aliens demanding that we change our laws because they won’t follow them.” Rogers took a lot of heat from the media and special-interest groups for doing the right thing. Thank goodness he persevered.

Illegal aliens, either apply for citizenship the correct way or go back home and become Vicente Fox’s problem again. But whatever you do, don’t ever let us see the Stars and Stripes upside down and under the Mexican flag in Georgia. You might get away with that in California, amigos, but I can promise you that kind of stuff won’t fly in Georgia.