Aug. 2, 2004: Has John Kerry Already Written Off Georgia?

According to political pundits who get paid big bucks to know this stuff, the Kerry-Edwards team has pretty much written off the state of Georgia as they begin their campaign for the White House. One political writer put it this way, “There’s not a snowball’s chance that the Democrats are going to give much time or attention to the state.” Hmmm.

Is it because John Kerry believes Georgians are a little bit wary of politicians from Massachusetts? Who can forget Michael Dukakis, the 1988 Democratic presidential candidate? His handlers told him if he would ride around in a tank with a little tin hat on his head, he would look very presidential. He took the ride and looked very stupid. Then there is the state’s senior senator, Ted Kennedy, who has the moral compass of a doorknob. How can you leave an innocent woman to drown and then have the audacity to sit in judgment of others? Frankly, these ain’t our kind of folks. Thank goodness.

Is it because Kerry’s political advisors presume that because Jimmy Carter is from Georgia, they don’t need to campaign here? That kind of presumption is about as dumb as riding around in a tank with a little tin hat on your head. Most Georgians I talk to appreciate all the houses Carter has built for Habitat for Humanity, but they don’t like him running around the world undermining this or any other president. Somebody ought to staple President Gooberhead’s mouth shut and remind him that he was a pluperfect flop as president. Remember double-digit inflation? The Iranian hostages? Killer rabbits?

Is it because the Kerry-Edwards brain trust thinks that having Max Cleland introduce Kerry on the night of his acceptance speech will get him a lot of votes from Georgia? Maybe the brain trust has forgotten that we didn’t re-elect Cleland after only one term in the U.S. Senate. Cleland, who follows Kerry around like an eager puppy dog, claims the eventual winner, Saxby Chambliss, questioned his patriotism. It never happened. Chambliss criticized Cleland for opposing the Homeland Security bill. Cleland was representing the interest of the unions, not the people. Cleland lost re-election because we didn’t like him doing that, or his overall voting record. To say he lost because his opponent called him unpatriotic is an insult to Georgia voters.

Is it because the Kerry folks would rather hang with the Hollywood crowd than associate with common folks in Hoschton or Hapeville? They are a lot richer in Hollywood, and I am sure their parties have a lot more glitter. But the Democrats had better beware. That bunch of irrelevant boobs in Hollywood is going to hurt Kerry’s efforts more than they are going to help. We don’t identify with that crowd and don’t respect them or their political views. Linda Ronstadt rips the president on stage in Las Vegas and gets booed by those few in the audience that hadn’t already walked out on her. The national media and her liberal weenie friends like Elton John hyperventilate about suppressing her freedom of expression. Bull feathers. My reading of the U.S. Constitution says we have the same right to boo her as she does to rip the president. The Hollywood elitists hate it that we don’t appreciate how smart and chi-chi they are. Maybe one day they will all move to France and improve the IQ of both countries.

Is it because Kerry has a reputation as a Northeastern liberal and knows that most Georgians don’t like Northeastern liberals, so he will just concede the state to George W. Bush? Maybe Kerry will send his vice presidential running mate John Edwards to tell us why we should vote for them. Edwards would be a lot better at soliciting our vote than would Jimmy Carter or Max Cleland. They both whine too much. But please, don’t send Al Sharpton. We would listen to Linda Ronstadt before we would listen to that buffoon.

Or, is it because John Kerry believes he doesn’t need Georgia’s votes to be elected president of the United States? Given the lack of attention he seems prepared to show us, he had better hope so.