Jul. 20, 2009: Zell Miller Is A Hard Dog To Keep Under The Porch

ZELL MILLER IS A HARD DOG TO KEEP UNDER THE PORCH This is my first column since my rotator cuff surgery and it hasn’t been easy getting the words to come out the way I intended them to. My left hand is slower than a Georgia Income Tax return and my right hand is totally […]

Apr. 20, 2009: I Wish Zell Miller Would Come Back And Straighten Things Out

I WISH ZELL MILLER WOULD COME BACK AND STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT I miss the heck out of Zell Miller. I wish he would come back and straighten out the mess under the Gold Dome. And he could, too. His detractors — mostly liberal weenies, these days — go apoplectic at the mention of his name. […]

Jul. 2, 2007: Run Zell, Run. Your Nation Needs You

RUN ZELL, RUN. YOUR NATION NEEDS YOU I wish to say a word about the current crop of people running for president of the United States. The word is “ugh!” There’s not a pony in the pile. Maybe it doesn’t matter who is president. After all, we have survived one of the most inarticulate presidents […]

August 3, 2000: Only Four Things We Can Count On

There are only four things in this world we can count on with absolute certainty: Death. Taxes. Roy Barnes making astute political moves. Republicans clueless on how to respond. The appointment of Zell Miller to succeed the late Paul Coverdell as senator provides an interesting commentary on the current state of the two political parties.  […]