April 28, 2014: Sen. Chip Rogers ‘Dream Job’ At GPB Goes ‘Poof’

The scene: The office of Teya Ryan, president of GPB. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! “Ms. Ryan?” “What is it, Tiffany? I am very busy and I asked not to be interrupted.” “I’m sorry to bother you but there is a man pacing outside your office dressed like Big Bird. He says he must talk to you […]

December 23, 2012: Sorry, Mayans, But There Is A New Year Coming

I was hoping that for once the Mayans would be right about something and that the world would have ended on December 21 as they had said it would.  That would have taken care of the fiscal cliff and all the politicians that caused it.  A little fire and brimstone would serve them right. As […]