Jun. 8, 2009: Barnes Bid For Governor May Be Tougher Than Pundits Think

BARNES BID FOR GOVERNOR MAY BE TOUGHER THAN PUNDITS THINK Whoa! Whoa! Hold on a second. Yes, I know former Gov. Roy Barnes has announced he is running again in 2010 but before all the political pundits, pollsters and press give him the job, there is the little matter of getting elected first. It is […]

October 26, 2000: Open Letter to Governor Roy Barnes

Governor Roy Barnes State Capitol Atlanta, Georgia Dear Governor: It has been quite awhile since I have written.  You will recall that a few months back, I asked you to resist Atlanta Journal columnist Colin Campbell lobbying you to store Olympic first aid forms at my beloved alma mater, the University of Georgia.  I check […]

August 3, 2000: Only Four Things We Can Count On

There are only four things in this world we can count on with absolute certainty: Death. Taxes. Roy Barnes making astute political moves. Republicans clueless on how to respond. The appointment of Zell Miller to succeed the late Paul Coverdell as senator provides an interesting commentary on the current state of the two political parties.  […]