June 22, 2009: Random Thoughts On Bad Service, Good Water And Other Important Matters

RANDOM THOUGHTS ON BAD SERVICE, GOOD WATER AND OTHER IMPORTANT MATTERS A friend of mine, once a top official in state government, recently tried to get AT&T service to his farm in Middle Georgia. After talking to robots and not getting his calls returned by a human being, he decided he had no choice but […]

Nov. 17, 2008: Random Thoughts On Random Subjects

RANDOM THOUGHTS ON RANDOM SUBJECTS My feelings are hurt. An astute political observer named Larry wrote me, gloating over Barack Obama’s election and pointing out what a racist I am. He cited as proof the column in which I stated gasoline would rise to $6 a gallon before this country would elect a black man […]

Jul. 14, 2008: Random Thoughts On Random Subjects

RANDOM THOUGHTS ON RANDOM SUBJECT No good deed goes unpunished. Recently I mentioned that Sen. Saxby Chambliss wanted to hear from you regarding your thoughts on the current energy crisis. A lot of you wrote him, and many of you sent me a copy. I found your letters a lot more thoughtful than the reply […]

Jul. 2, 2001: Some random thoughts on some random subjects:

Senator Max Cleland must feel pretty good about his reelection chances. He recently voted against an amendment that would withhold federal funds from school districts that denied use of their facilities to the Boy Scouts. It passed anyway. I seriously doubt Sen. Cleland’s vote reflects the sentiments of the majority of his constituents. Maybe his […]