February 11, 2013: Speaker David Ralston Discusses Proposed Ethics Legislation

Are you sitting down?  I had a meeting with House Speaker David Ralston last week at the Capitol.  Got your breath yet? There’s more.  It was a good meeting. Several of our mutual friends had been trying for some time to get the Speaker and I together, saying we might have more in common than […]

December 23, 2012: Sorry, Mayans, But There Is A New Year Coming

I was hoping that for once the Mayans would be right about something and that the world would have ended on December 21 as they had said it would.  That would have taken care of the fiscal cliff and all the politicians that caused it.  A little fire and brimstone would serve them right. As […]

August 27, 2012: Skeeter Skates Weighs In On The Middle East Situation

I was in the middle of preparing a Power Point presentation for you on why House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) needs a campaign war chest of $356,415.19 to run unopposed for reelection in his district. The neat part was going to be explaining the $1,000 campaign contribution from the American Kennel Club, located in […]

July 2, 2012: We The Unwashed Don’t Find Lobby Reform ‘Silly’

Everyone seems comfortable with the relationship between lawmakers and lizard-loafered lobbyists except We the Unwashed.  But, then, what do we know?  Rep. Don Parsons (R-Cobb County) a seven-term member of the House views the fuss over trying to curb unlimited lobbying expenditures as “silly.”  Mr. Parsons has some serious competition in the Republican primary.  I […]

May 28, 2012: Explaining Voter Anger To Speaker Ralston No Easy Task

KNOCK!  KNOCK! KNOCK! “Mr. Speaker, may I come in?” “Well, if it isn’t Spiro Amburn, my favorite chief of staff.” “Doggone it, Mr. Speaker, you say that every time I come in the door.  I am your only chief of staff!” “Did somebody get up the wrong side of the bed this morning?  Looks like […]

March 5, 2012: State Representative Defends Current Lobby Laws

State Representative Defends Current Lobby Laws Rep. Joe Wilkinson (R-Sandy Springs) has figured out something many of his colleagues in the General Assembly seem unable to grasp: If you disagree with something I say, tell me so and give me your side of the story Wilkinson called after my column advocating limits on lobbying expenditures […]