Oct. 28, 2013: With Watson’s Statue Gone, Why Not a Salute to Perdue?

Ring! Ring! Ring! “Hello, Gov. Deal’s office. May I help you? One moment, please. Governor, you have a call on Line One.” “I’m in a very important staff meeting. If it’s that flap-jaw from the Ethics Commission who says I ‘owe her,’ tell her I am looking to get her a job in Djibouti herding […]

Dec. 15, 2008: Gov. Perdue Doesn’t Make Waves — Just Concrete Fishponds And Satisfied Elephants

GOV. PERDUE DOESN’T MAKE WAVES — JUST CONCRETE FISHPONDS AND SATISFIED ELEPHANTS It doesn’t take much to get me bragging about Georgia, if for no other reason than it irritates the hell out of loud-talking Yankees who move here and look down their noses at us even though you couldn’t get them to move back […]