January 24, 2017: Look For a Different Approach to Fixing Failing Schools in Georgia

Education is all about learning.  The defeat of Amendment 1 last fall by Georgia voters was a learning lesson for its proponents, including Gov. Nathan Deal, who invested a lot of political capital into its passage. Chris Riley is Gov. Deal’s chief of staff and a main architect of the proposed constitutional amendment that would […]

March 7, 2016: Why Shouldn’t Parents Be Held Accountable For Their Child’s Education?

To my friends in the Legislature (and, yes, you are my friends. Without you, I wouldn’t have a job.) I will make this brief because I know you are hard at work pushing the Second Amendment rights of hormone-laden college kids (Cue the National Anthem) even though you are trampling on my Constitutional right to […]

February 27, 2012: Legislators Take “Cut-And-Run” Approach To Public School Issues

Dear Public School Teachers: The “school choice” crowd in the General Assembly is after you again. I am beginning to think this is all your fault. Evidently, you did something to them in their prepubescent period that has scarred them for life. Maybe you caught them smoking in the bathroom or smooching in the hall. […]

Jun. 1, 2009: An Open Letter To Georgia’s Public School Teachers

AN OPEN LETTER TO GEORGIA’S PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS Congratulations on completing – no, make that “surviving” – another year in Georgia’s public schools. As some of you know, I have a son and a son-in-law who are high school science teachers. I don’t know why they – and you – do it. On second thought, […]