May 11, 2009: I Warned You: Dr. Gil Can Pray Up A Storm

I WARNED YOU: DR. GIL CAN PRAY UP A STORM My hair is wet. My socks are mildewed. My joints ache. There is a torrent of water running down the street, and more rain is on the way. Drought? What drought? I hate to say I told you so, but well — I told you […]

Mar. 24, 2008: The More Water We Have, The More Our Ungrateful Neighbors Want

THE MORE WATER WE HAVE, THE MORE OUR UNGRATEFUL NEIGHBORS WANT No good deed goes unpunished. When Gov. Sonny Perdue convened a meeting at the state Capitol last November to pray for rain, a lot of snooty-noses scoffed. Not me. I told my friends they had better find their umbrellas because the governor had asked […]