February 4, 2013: Walking Away From Public Schools Is Not A Solution

As many of you recall, I opposed the recent charter school amendment, not because I oppose charter schools – I don’t – but because I thought the wording of the amendment was duplicitous.  I thought it grossly unfair that Gov. Nathan Deal could wax eloquently on the need for passage of the amendment but School […]

October 29, 2012: Ten Reasons To Vote ‘No’ On The Charter School Amendment

The charter school amendment will be decided on November 6th.  If it doesn’t pass, it will be the greatest upset since David conked Goliath with a rock.  Give me the money that has been made available to the pro-charter amendment forces (over $2 million, almost all of it out-of-state) and let me quash the opposition’s […]

September 24, 2012: School Superintendent Association Head Refutes Pro-Charter Claims

With the vote on the charter school amendment just over a month away, the heat is getting intense.  I know.  I have felt it.  I wrote a column a few weeks ago giving the pro-charter folks an opportunity to make their case for the amendment.  For my trouble, a number of anti-charter advocates wondered if […]

August 20, 2012: Charter School Amendment Debate Gets Ugly Quickly

I knew it was going to get ugly but I didn’t know it would get this bad this quickly.  I am talking about the constitutional amendment on charter schools to be voted on in November that asks, “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state or local approval of public charter schools upon […]