May 2013: Dick Yarbrough Named One of Georgia’s ‘Power Brokers for 2013’

James Magazine, which is the leading political publication in the state just named Dick one of the state’s Power Brokers for 2013. In the article, they say, “This former BellSouth vice president has in his retirement years become a sort of Mark Twain of Georgia.  He’s a writer who often states his serious points with […]

April 2013: News Flash From The Department Of Juvenile Justice

Commissioner Avery D. Niles confirmed the appointments of Mr. Fred E. Stephens and Mr. Dick Yarbrough to the Georgia Board of Juvenile Justice. Mr. Dick Yarbrough is a retired vice president of BellSouth Corporation. He also served as a Managing Director of Atlanta’s 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. “Dick” Yarbrough is best known as one of […]