And They Call Them Games — An Inside View of the 1996 Olympics
(2002 Mercer University Press) 220 pages

The book is a no-punches-pulled insider’s perspective of the Centennial Olympic Games, and the only book written about the Atlanta Games. Based on Yarbrough’s experiences as managing director – communications and government relations for ACOG, the book focuses on the host of issues that ACOG faced in planning and overseeing the Centennial Olympics. These issues, which ranged from the complex to the comical, included the Centennial Park bombing, the gay rights battles in Cobb County, the uproar over the state flag, and the competing needs of local, state, federal, and international relations.

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“To many, including myself, the Olympic Games have become a huge sham using gifted athletes to hide the corruption and moral indifference of those who run them. And They Call Them Games by C. Richard Yarbrough is a scathing record of the planning and celebration of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta. The games became famous for the bomb that killed and injured visitors, and the fiasco behind the innocent man accused of the crime.

Written by the chief public relations officer for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, [“And They Call Them Games”] is as unvarnished and honest as they come. It is fascinating and chilling reading.”

—  Alan Caruba, Bookviews

Squirrels at the Birdfeeder – Taking Aim at Politicians, CEOs and Other Pests
(2003 Looking Glass Books) 207 pages

A compilation of Dick’s most popular columns captures the wit and wisdom of one of Georgia’s favorite columnists.

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